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Beyond These Walls – The Lane

November 10, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel  |  1 Comment

Beyond These Walls for The Lane ~

There’s something about an editorial that evokes the magic and magnificence of a well-crafted dress, romantic setting, and the beauty of the feminine. The ladies at The Lane capture this so effortlessly and elegantly in this photoshoot, pairing the ever-so-fresh Bambi in her innocence and demure with the most gorgeous dresses of the season. We love how she is glowing in the sunset , peering around corners and alleyways, coyly revealing shimmer, high-design and style…this editorial has got it all. And we love it… xx

All Images via The Lane

Tribal Earth : Elle Romania

October 27, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Fashion, Inspiration  |  No Comments

:: Nuria Nieva for Elle Romania by Jesus Alonso ::

Monday musings ~ this photoshoot nailed it for us: tribal chic earthiness, chunky ethnic jewellery, and bronzed, dusted and painted skin. We are loving it! Always inspired by the many ways the colours of earth and culture can create so much beauty.

The MC Girls xx

:: Summer Dreams ::

October 22, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Byron Bay, Fashion, Lifestyle, Myee Carlyle Design  |  No Comments

Sahasra Agate Pendant

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Dusk

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Dusk

Amazonia Citrine Earrings

Oceanic Quartz Drop Pendant

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Emerald Waters

Jewel Of Rishikesh Maxi Kimono Emerald Waters

Marrakesh Silk Skirt Tourmaline

Sahasra Agate Pendant

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Emerald Waters

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Emerald Waters

Armina Tee Ash Marl

Armina Tee Ash Marl

Shell Bracelet Set Ivory

Armina Tee Taupe Marl

Armina Tee Taupe Marl

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Dusk

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Dusk

Ethereal Crystal Bracelet Set

Jewel Of Rishikesh Kimono Dusk

Kalesa Playsuit Black

Savannah Skirt Black

Savannah Skirt Black

Lalima Amethyst Cluster Pendant

Minka Leather Skirt

Insight Chrysoprase Pendant

Savannah Skirt Olive

Acacia Dress Olive

Acacia Dress Olive

Acacia Dress Olive

:: Let’s go to the seaside. Sand in our toes, salt in our hair, not a care, not a care in the world. Summer ease, summer breeze. Let’s go to the seaside ::

The sun has revealed itself in full light, hinting at another hot summer well on it’s way, and so we gathered a few friends and headed down to one of our favourite local beaches, Wategos, the stunningly fresh cove at Australia’s Most Easterly Point. Our idea for this seasons photoshoot was to capture the simplicity and pure beauty of arriving at the sea, immersing ourselves in the soft sand and cool water, and celebrating the essence of a woman being comfortable in her skin. Keeping it casual, comfortable, and unique to our free-spirited lifestyle with toss-on-and-go tops and basics, to soft and elegant kimonos, the focus is on relaxed and carefree vibes. We’ve crafted new jewellery combining elements of earth and sea as standout pieces that pair beautifully with basic tees and dresses. New kimonos have also arrived, the Jewel of Rishikesh, which features a stunning mandala designed in burnout velvet, a beautifully crafted piece that is hand-dyed with flowers and native plants, holding true to the comfort and style of our seaside home.

Summer Dreams is about bringing all of our favourite essentials together in an easy-going, feminine style with a touch of luxury. Thanks again to our friends for putting together these magical moments:

Model: Celeste Bellinger

Photography: Liz Milne

Hair: Karen @ KC Creative Hair

Makeup: Rhiannon Sprague

Rings: Pirates Dreaming

Thanks to Sarah Humphrey for her groovy vintage sunnies!

Big Love from the MC Girls xx

Shoreline Drift

October 13, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Byron Bay, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel  |  No Comments

It’s that time of the year again around Australia, and particularly in Byron Bay, we are drifting and floating into the new season quite beautifully. Spring has arrived as a very welcomed guest, and to no avail showed us her warmer side straight away ~ beach walks, early morning swims, and leaping our clocks ahead an hour gave us just that extra bit of sunset light to cozy up to beach fires with our families and friends.

The images collected evoke some of the soft memories of drifting with the tide and strolling along the shoreline, collecting treasures with our loved ones, light conversations that fade into the sunlight, and shimmer with each breaking wave. Yes, Spring is well and truly here, and we are beginning to see glimpses of a fresh dawn of Summer on the horizon..soon, soon.. Until then, we drift and enjoy…xx

With Love and Light,

The MC Girls x

all images via Pinterest

Interior Love in Brasil

September 19, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Homewares, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel  |  No Comments


















Interior Love in Brasil

Brazil is a country with such a rich culture and deep history, particularly in the North, around Bahia where this blog is based. The African influence is at large and when you mix that with the relaxed, beachy style of coastal Brazillians we have an interior visual feast!

These are 3 boutique ‘pousadsas’ or hotels in Trancoso- a beautiful beach town in Bahia. They are: Casa Lola, Casa Tiba and Uxua Casa. The design of each is unique but they all utilise the beauty of raw timbers, bamboo and crisp white walls. We love! Another must see desitnation..Brazil anyone?

Hope you enjoy as much as we did. Viva Brazil! xx

photos from: casa lola, casa tiba, uxua casa, google images

Tribal Adornments

September 15, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel  |  No Comments

:: Tribal ::

It’s the pulse of the drumbeat, the rhythm of the dance, the connection to tradition, the sounds of ancient cultures, captured and captivating us through their adornments. We are all ways so inspired by the gorgeous goddesses of ancient tribes and their stunning traditional wear of intricate jewellery, that we’ve chosen to pay homage to them with some of our favourite images. Women’s prized decorations from Rajasthan, Africa, India, Asia, Morocco…the inspiring images could go on for eternity. And we can just imagine the beautiful sounds they create with each elegant step, each dance, each movement of the body…celebrating tradition through adornments.

We are very excited to be creating and bringing you some new gorgeous jewellery inspired by these ancient tribes! Gemstones and cowrie shells, crystals and leather all hand made with our signature bohemian luxe. Watch this space for our new designs coming soon… xx

The MC Girls


all images via Pinterest

Smoke Curls with Honey Pie Living

:: Honey Pie Living ::

Springtime moments with the sweet smells of delicate jasmines blossoming, soft dew of rainy mist on the textured aged walls, and the beginnings of warm breezes flowing our way. We are absolutely adoring these beautiful captures of one of our favourite bloggers, Hannah from Honey Pie Living, draped in the soft silk of our Akina Kimono in Smoke Ceremony . The ease and casual luxury of her photography always makes us melt, as there is an air of tranquility and comfort in each photo, something very timeless that we love.

The colours of our hand-dyed silk cape reflect the textured beauty and palette of these gorgeous captured moments (she does them so well!), and since these lovely capes have been a popular item, we now have them back on PRE-ORDER, in serendipitous timing for the season…

May the sweetness of Spring flow to you,

MC girls XOXO

Moroccan Dreams

September 12, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel  |  No Comments



We haven’t blogged in a little while, we have been so busy creating our new shop space at 12 Centennial Circuit, Byron Arts and Industrial Estate…and it’s looking amazing we must say! We will blog some photos of it very soon, but for now, we’re sharing some inspirational photos of one of our longed for travel destinations..Morocco!

Wanderlust is said to be a strong desire for, or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world…

We have been dreaming of Morocco this week, imagining wandering the streets in the warm spice filled air, stumbling through doorways that open up to some of the most amazing tile work. The colours, the patterns, the textures, the culture…Morocco is brimming with inspiration.

Our latest Casablanca Clutches and Blue-Belle Purses have been made with these Moroccan streets as our inspiration. They are the perfect piece for any traveller to collect treasures along their way.

We hope you join us on our Moroccan daydream and enjoy your weekend.

Love and wanderlust, the Myee Carlyle team xxx

Photos sourced from google images, pinterest


July 29, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Myee Carlyle Design  |  No Comments

Myee Carlyle Zahra Beaded Blazer Ivory

Myee Carlyle Sibella Silk Mini Dress

Myee Carlyle Sibella Silk Mini Dress

Myee Carlyle Sibella Silk Mini Dress Henna

Myee Carlyle Sibella Silk Mini Dress Henna

myee carlyle sibella mini dress black

myee carlyle sibella mini dress black

myee carlyle sibella mini dress black, cloudy haze necklace

myee carlyle sibella mini dress black Ivory Essien Necklace

myee carlyle sibella mini dress black

myee carlyle zahra beaded blazer black, cloudy haze necklace

myee carlyle zahra beaded blazer black

myee carlyle zahrabeaded blazer black

Myee Carlyle Friday Im In Love

Myee Carlyle Friday Im in Love

We have been blessed with such amazing weather this winter and Friday was no exception. With the sun shinning and the festival vibe buzzing in Byron we decided to venture out to feel our own rhythm. We gathered up some of our new styles and set of into the wilderness behind our studio.

My amazing and truly talented friend Liz was our photographer for the afternoon and Rhiannon and I got our inner goddess on! This was the out come from our fun in the sun ~ many smiles and giggles to be had! Maybe we might just do this a bit more often!

See our new styles online ~

The Sibella Mini Dress in Henna & Black.

Abundant Sun Necklace

Wild Schon : Vogue Germany

June 23, 2014 |  by myee carlyle  |  Fashion, Inspiration, Lifestyle  |  No Comments

Love it when I find a collection of pics or a shoot that I have forgotten about. I was searching for some inspiration to lust over this morning and came across this shoot again. Model Devon Windsor displays the poised perfection of feminine strength and softness combined with structured and amazing bold adornments..

Love this wild, fierce and feminine feeling this shoot evokes..

Perfect for my Monday morning fix


Pics via :: the style watcher